Candace Bushnell Latest Target of Hacker 'Guccifer,' First 50 Pages of Novel Posted

A hacker is attacking various high-profile figures, and the latest victim is Candace Bushnell.

"Guccifer" hacked the Sex and the City writer's computer last night and posted 50 pages of her new novel onto her Twitter account. The hacker then took screenshots of the email exchange between Bushnell and her publisher when she found out she was hacked.

The same hacker also targeted George W. Bush Sr., Colin Powell and a former aide to Bill Clinton.

When Guccifer hacked Bushnell, they made their presence a little more obvious, by posting a tweet that read, "Here you can read my last book 'killing monica' first 50 pages, enjoy."

Next up were the emails exchanged between the author and publisher. One read, "Oh dear, this is terrible."

The book's first 37,000 words were made public via screenshots of Google Drive. The pages have since been removed.

Bushnell said the hacker also tried to get into her Facebook account, but she was able to stop that from happening because the site alerted her that an unknown device was attempting to log on. 

On her site, she posted an explanation.

"Yesterday, I woke up and I couldn't get my e-mails," she said. 

Guccifer also hacked former President George W. Bush and Colin Powell, as well as Sidney Blumenthal. 

It is not known what the hacker was able to obtain from Blumenthal, but his account data dates back to 2005.

It is unlikely there are any memos from Blumenthal to Clinton, as he worked for him in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

The only reason Blumenthal knew something had happened to his account was because he could not log on Thursday morning.

Many people believe it is odd that Blumenthal would be targeted, as it was  years ago that he worked with the Clinton's. But it seems the hacker was looking for information exchanged with Mrs. Clinton when she worked as Secretary of State. 

It is believed the hacker was looking for a possible conspiracy theory or issue related to foreign relations.

Other targets included Senator LIsa Murkowski, former United Nations ambassador John Negroponte and a few unidentified members of the Rockefeller family.

They also hacked Powell's Facebook page, posting a status that read, "You will burn in hell, Bush!"

Then a series of posts followed, reading, "You are such an a** hole Colin, you will burn in hell for the crimes you and all Bush and Rockefelles and others! (sic)."

"And don't delete my posts you a** hole whoever you are!"

Powell later wrote an apology on his page, saying, "Dear Friends, as most of you realize, my fb page has obviously been hacked. I'm sorry you have to see al the stupid, obscene posts that are popping up. Please ignore as we are working with fb to take care of this problem. I appreciate your patience."

Sources: Daily Mail,Christian Science Monitor


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