Canadians Planning Water Rescue for Detroit (Video)


A group from Windsor, Ontario in Canada is planning to ship water across the U.S. border to thousands of Detroit residents who have had their H20 cut off by the city.

The Windsor chapter of the Council of Canadians is planning to bring 250 gallons of water to a rally outside Detroit's city hall today.

“We decided that we should bring water over to them and that way kind of embarrass the city and the state,” Randy Emerson, of the Council of Canadians, told CBS Detroit. “So that maybe they would stop shutting off the water for these people because water is a right.”

“The fact that the Canadians have to come over to help out Americans,” added Emerson. “That should embarrass the federal government, or the state government or the city of Detroit to either help out or stop these water shutoffs.”

According to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the average Detroit resident currently pays $64.99 per month for water and sewer, noted the Detroit Free Press.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department said back in March that it was going to shut off water service to more than 150,000 people who were behind on their water bills.

WXYZ reported that hundreds of people protested the water shut-offs and marched to Detroit's city hall last Friday. The protest was led by National Nurses United and included actor Mark Ruffalo (video below).

Sources: WXYZ, Detroit Free Press, CBS Detroit


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