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Canadian Woman Sues Family of Teenage Cyclist She Hit in Fatal Crash

A woman who struck and killed a teenage boy riding his bike on an Ontario street is now reportedly suing the boy’s family for more than $1 million, claiming that as a result of the accident, “her enjoyment of life has been and will be lessened.”

Sharlene Simon hit 17-year-old Brandon Majewski in her Kia Sorrento a year and a half ago while Majewski was riding his bike with two friends, the trio returning from a late-night run to a local coffee shop in the town of Innisfil, 80 kilometers north of Toronto.

Brandon took most of the impact of the crash, and died two hours after paramedics arrived. One of the other boys spent weeks recovering in the hospital, and the third was not seriously injured.

Now the woman’s lawyer is claiming in a $1.35 million suit filed in Ontario Superior Court last December that Simon “has sustained and will sustain great pain and suffering,” including “a severe shock to her system” as a result of the crash.

Brandon’s father, Derek Majewski, couldn’t believe what he was hearing when his lawyer, Brian Cameron, informed him that, “my dead son and the boys are being sued by the woman that killed him because she is distraught.

“Normally, I would not react like this,” he told Postmedia in an email, “but I think it’s very cruel.”

Majewski described how much their son’s death had shaken the family. About six months after Brandon was killed, his older brother Devon died in his sleep, the result of pharmaceuticals and alcohol.

Majewski and his ex-wife, Venetta Mlynczyk, are dissatisfied with the investigation. They believe the boys were blamed for the accident because they were riding with “minimal reflectors” and without helmets, and were criticized in the wake of their tragedy.

The police report from the incident told Majewski’s family that there was “absolutely no reasonable prospect of conviction and that no charges should be laid.”

Sources: Postmedia, Barrie Examiner


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