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Canadian Woman Gets Smacked On The Head By A Whale’s Tail (Video)

A woman who went whale watching off the coast of Baja California, Mexico was given a rude greeting by one of the ocean’s biggest inhabinants.

The footage below shows the moment Chelsea Crawford was hit straight in the face by the tail of a giant whale.

Understandably, Crawford was left shocked and not knowing what to do. Her good friend, Jordyn Rivet, however, reacted quicker than Crawford and caught the entire thing on cell phone.

A few hours after being uploaded on YouTube, the video has gone viral.

“We went what watching on the Baja this weekend, and unfortunately, Chelsea got smacked in the head by a whale’s tail,” Rivet wrote on the video description. “Luckily, she was fine and we got it on video.”

Source: New York Daily News, Youtube


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