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Canadian Woman Charged With Murder After 8-Year-Old Daughter's Body Found In Trunk Of Car

Canadian officials charged a mother Thursday with second-degree murder in the death of her 8-year-old daughter whose body was found the previous day in the trunk of a car. 

CBC News reports 41-year-old Lisa Batstone appeared in a Surrey, British Columbia, courtroom Thursday afternoon. Her lawyer’s representative asked that the woman be seen by a psychiatrist and told the judge she was on a variety of medications. 

Surrey police arrested Batstone Wednesday after responding to a report of “suspicious circumstances,” according to The Province. When they arrived at the call, the officers found a car in a ditch in a rural area. Inside the trunk they found the body of young Teagan Batstone. They arrested Lisa Batstone a short time later and announced Thursday morning she had been charged with second-degree murder. 

Teagan Batstone’s father, Gabe Batstone, has been divorced from his daughter’s mother for six years. Now remarried, he lives in Ottawa with his wife. The couple care for a son of their own and a son from his wife’s previous relationship. Gabe Batstone split his time between Ottawa and British Columbia so he could spend time with his daughter, according to the Toronto Sun. He had just visited the girl last weekend. 

The father said Thursday, from his Twitter account, that he was still reeling from the news. 

“Life will never be the same after losing my daughter to murder,” Gabe Batstone tweeted. 

“Thanks for the condolences. I am unable to talk without sobbing but tomorrow I hope to share great memories of my love Teagan Erin Batstone,” he posted later in the day. 

He said in a statement he has not yet found a way to break the news to his two sons. He asked for privacy as his family grieves, but said he would eventually speak publicly about the loss of his daughter. 

“I don’t want her ever to be forgotten,” the statement said. 

Teagan Batstone’s cause of death has not been determined, police said. An autopsy was scheduled for Thursday, but results have not yet been released. 

Lisa Batstone is due back in court Dec. 18. She will be held in custody until that time. 

She has no other children.

Sources: CBC NewsThe ProvinceToronto Sun / Photo Credit: Facebook photo via CBC News


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