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'I'm Gonna Break The Window': Canadian Sergeant Caught On Camera Dragging Driver Onto Road During Traffic Stop (Video)

A police sergeant in Canada was reportedly caught breaking in the window of a driver he had pulled over during a traffic stop and dragging him out of the vehicle and onto the road.

The incident took place in Vancouver after an unidentified sergeant pulled over a man named Bodhi Sattva and told him and another passenger that he smelled marijuana, reports the Daily Mail. Sattva reportedly refused to open his window and asked the officer why he was stopped. 

"I'm not playing this game," the officer told him. "I'm gonna break the window now in two seconds."

Sattva insisted that he had not given his "consent" for the sergeant to open his window, but the officer smashed his window in anyway and can then be seen dragging the driver out of the car and onto the pavement. 

Sattva can be heard saying the officer is hurting him. 

The Vancoucer Police Department reportedly defended the sergeant, saying drivers should cooperate with police and roll down their windows if they don't want them to be broken. 

Source: Daily Mail/Photo Credit: YouTube


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