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Canadian Noah Kilpatrick Gets Bullied Out of NY School (Video)

Fifteen-year-old Noah Kilpatrick, a former freshman at Faith Fellowship Christian School in New York, allegedly left school because of ceaseless mocking. Surprisingly, the bullying did not come from his fellow classmates but rather from two of his teachers.

According to Canada’s National Post, Kilpatrick could no longer stand being in class with his teachers after the Canadian call-outs kept rolling in. All too often, his teachers would “lampoon Canada as a cartoonishly small country filled with communists and people who club seals for fun.”

Kilpatrick said the problem arose in a number of instances. In “history class and sometimes math class,” for example, he said, “they were stereotyping Canadians and saying we were all stupid — it was offensive.” At one point, a teacher — also the school’s principal — mocked him in front of everybody for bringing Canadian currency to pay for his school lunch by mistake.

“I told them, ‘Hey, I’m American. I have my full citizenship,’ and they still didn’t listen,” Kilpatrick said. He has been living in the United States for the past decade. “I was born in Canada, I can’t change that.” The principal would allegedly even make fun of Kilpatrick on days he coincidentally wore Canadian colors to school.

The instances of bullying happened so frequently that Kilpatrick even began “documenting the taunting in a notebook,” reports the Huffington Post. He decided to leave school and has since been finishing his second semester from home.

His fellow students side with Kilpatrick and have begun to show their support for him via Facebook. Student Philip Scott McIntosh wrote that Kilpatrick “had a reputation as being one of the most friendly and kind people you could ever brush shoulders with in the hallway between classes.” Others seem to lament the fact that he was so deeply offended by the anti-Canadian sentiment as to leave the school entirely.

Kilpatrick’s mother, Tina, said if they are continued to be made to felt so ostracized, she may just move the family back across the border.

Sources: Huffington Post, International Business Times, National Post


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