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Canadian Man Saves Adorable Baby Moose, Takes Him To Tim Hortons (Video)

A Canadian man who found a moose calf wandering the side of a highway picked him up and took him over to Tim Hortons.

Stephan Michel Desgroseillers told CTV News that he tried to get the male calf, who was weak on his feet, to return to the woods, but he kept wandering back onto the highway near Dowling. 

"She still had the umbilical cord and was still wet when I found her," Desgroseillers told Shirley Erkila, who shot the video of the moose below, outside the resaurant near Sudbury, Ontario. 

He said he worried if he didn't rescure the animal “the wolves would have got to her.”

"I've never ever seen one like that," Erkila says in the video, as the friendly calf walks over to her. "Aw, looking for its mama."

Desgroseillers cleaned the calf up and kept her overnight before taking her to the Wild at Heart Animal Shelter.

The calf was "the sweetest thing ever except for the crying," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Sources:, Toronto Sun


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