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Man Who Chained Up Teen And Sexually Assaulted Him Learns His Fate

A Canadian man who was previously convicted for sexually assaulting a teenage boy and chaining him up in a cabin in Nova Scotia for days was sentenced on Tuesday to 24 months in prison, according to CBC news.

John Leonard MacKean, 65, was found guilty of sexual assault and communicating with a minor to receive sexual services in March. The crimes took place September 2012 when the teenage boy, who was then 16, escaped from MacKean and the cabin. The boy said he had been assaulted by three men and was found coming out of the woods half-naked.

On Tuesday, the boy’s mother said the crime had scarred her son and he is still hurt by the attack.

"Not only did you rape a young boy... but you raped his body, you raped his soul, you raped his future, and that is something that cannot be fixed and I am left with trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life,” she said to MacKean.

As Coughlan read the sentence, MacKean sat with his hands folded in front of his face. MacKean's daughter sobbed as her father was led away in handcuffs.

Lloyd Tancock, the Crown attorney, said he thinks that the crime was “atrocious” and that the sentence was just. He added that he thinks case has long-term implications and effects.

"When the facts are as horrendous as this, it doesn’t go away, it’s there for the rest of their life,” he said. “They learn through appropriate counselling, etcetera, to cope with it, deal with it, but it just doesn’t go away and that’s the devastating impact."

Mike Taylor, the defense’s lawyer, said he thinks that the sentence was appropriate.  

"The Crown took a reasonable approach to it and given the requirements of the Criminal Code, the kind of programming that would be put in place for Mr. MacKean, it just made sense to do it in a federal institution," Taylor said.

In addition to the 24 months prison sentence, the Bridgewater Supreme Court also gave MacKean a three-year probation sentence.

Source: CBC News


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