20 Puppies Found By Man Hunting Moose (Photo)


A Canadian hunter expected to come back from his latest trip with a moose; instead he returned with 20 puppies.

Greg Zubiak was on his annual hunt near Glaslyn, Saskatchewan on Friday when he saw movement in the distance and found the puppies.

“As I walked up, they all just kind of looked at me and I guess my moose hunt was over,” Zubiak said.

Zubiak later took pictures of the puppies in the back of his pick-up truck, all of which can be seen looking around curiously. The pups are a combination of husky, collie and lab and range in age from three to five weeks.

Zubiak noted that had he not rescued the animals, coyotes probably would have eaten them. They’re currently in the care of the Battlefords Humane Society.

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“We don’t have a lot of room. At max capacity we can hold about 26 dogs. We had 10 dogs before these 20 came in,” Michelle Sparks, the humane society’s coordinator, said.

On top of space constraints, the humane society is struggling to treat the puppies for fleas, worms and bottle feeding. However, Sparks said she anticipated that they would survive.

Since posting the story on their Facebook page, the humane society said they have received 50,000 views and at least 300 responses from people interested in adoption.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Toronto Sun


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