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Canadian High School Depicted In Violent Video Game ‘Counter-Strike’

A violent video game set at Port Moody Secondary School in Canada has caused alarm for school administrators and outraged parents.

The game, entitled "Counter-Strike," is a first-person shooter game that allows players to design their own strategies for dealing with enemies at the school.

With the school as the backdrop, players use guns and other weapons to defeat opponents.  No teachers, administrators or students are depicted in the game, according to The Christian Post.

At least one staff member was deeply disturbed by the content of the game. "I love that school," said Alex Devlin, a physical education teacher at Port Moody. "We have amazing students, we have a wonderful, caring staff. The distinguishing thing about our school is the rainbow-colored lockers … it makes you feel good. And to see that violence, that same senseless violence in our hallway … it was devastating."

“Let us start by saying Port Moody Secondary is a great school," the person who created the game, known as The Developer, wrote on his website. "This is a location we are quite familiar with already. Additionally, supporters and fellow alumni are also likely familiar with this location, which makes it an ideal common ground for this game and its intended audience. Rest assured there is no malicious intent behind this production to any actual school property, nor any actual persons associated with the school.

“Additionally, people should realize this is simply a game. No physical harm comes from it. Guns in reality are generally lethal weapons. Guns in a videogame can't hurt anyone. There are no students being killed. The gameplay is the same as all counter strike games, where you have two teams fighting against each other, much like most other shooters which use public settings as game environments.”

Police released a statement about the game on Friday: "Although the creation of such a video game is likely ill-conceived in the current climate, it does not constitute an offense. Investigators from the Port Moody Police Department have interviewed the developer of this game and have concluded that he does not pose a danger to the staff or students of Port Moody Secondary."

Source: The Christian Post, International Business Times


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