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Canadian Fisherman Rescues Drowning Eagle (Video)

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A Canadian fisherman was shocked when he discovered a drowning eagle who had literally bitten off more than it could chew.

Don Dunbar was fishing for Salmon in Nanoose Bay in British Columbia when he pulled a bald eagle out of the water. The eagle was trying to dry its wings as it floated, but was exhausted and could hardly move on its own.

In video footage of the event, Dunbar can be seen coaxing the eagle toward his boat and pulling it out with a net.

"I'd throw you a life jacket, but I haven't got one that'd fit you!" Dunbar says in the video.

When Dunbar docked, the eagle had dried but was still unable to fly, so he decided to drop it off at the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.  

According to Mindy Dick of the rehabilitation center, young eagles often misjudge the size of fish when they learn to hunt. When they try to carry fish and fail, they sometimes get pulled under water. Dick added that the eagle was treated for E. coli, which also explains why it was having difficulty recovering.

Since its rescue, the eagle has made huge strides toward recovery and has developed a taste for deluxe quail. The rehab society plans to release him into the wild as soon as he recovers, which they predict will be in one to two months.

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