Canadian Father Who Killed Daughter With Slap Gets 60 Days In Jail

A Quebec father who killed his 13-year-old daughter with a single slap was sentenced to 60 days in jail Wednesday.

Moussa Sidime, 74, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the October 2010 death of his daughter Noutene.

Sidime hit the girl because he did not like the way she had completed a chore, a Longueuil court heard. He called 911 a short time later, when he found Noutene unconscious on the floor bleeding from her nose. An artery in her brain had ruptured and she died in a local hospital days later.

Although the Crown prosecutors sought a prison sentence, his attorney argued for leniency, calling it an exceptional case.

A criminologist testified for the defense stating that Sidime had no criminal record of violence prior to the incident.

Sidime does not have to serve his time consecutively. He is expected to serve two days a week over 30 weeks.

He has already served 19 days, CBC News reported.

Sources: CBC News, The Star


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