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Canadian Couple Finds Human Tooth In Bag Of Peanuts


Fifteen minutes after the ball had dropped in Times Square and millions across North America had rung in the new year, a couple in Winnipeg, Manitoba was munching on a bag of Spanish peanuts that they had purchased at a nearby Safeway. That’s when 18-year-old Graham Calder bit down and felt an unusual crunch. When he spit out the contents of his mouth, he and his girlfriend Michaela Epp discovered that he had bitten into what appeared to be a human tooth that had been mixed with the peanuts in the bag. 

Epp described the scenario to the Toronto Sun.

“He spit it out and looked at it, and it was a tooth. So he started feeling around to make sure it wasn’t his. It definitely didn't look like someone's tooth had broken off," Epp said.

Despite the unusual circumstances, Epp and Calder maintained a sense of humor about the situation.

“It happened about 15 minutes after midnight, my boyfriend looked at me and said, ‘That’s one way to start things,” Epp said.

The scenario is being investigated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Safeway is aware of the incident.

“Safeway is committed to industry leading food safety standards and we will cooperate fully with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in their investigation,” said  Betty Kellsey, a Safeway spokeswoman in a company email. 

North America, and particularly The United States, has a strange history of customers finding foreign objects in their food products. Some of these incidents are forged by customers looking to cash in on legal battles, such as the infamous case of Anna Ayala, the woman who claimed she found a severed finger in her Wendy’s chili bowl. Other instances of odd occurrences in food products are more realistic and equally as horrifying, such as the Atlanta woman that found a nose ring in her daughter’s McDonald’s breakfast burrito or the Michigan man that found a mouse in the salad that he had purchased from the supermarket. 

According to Fox News, this case isn’t the first time a tooth has been found in a bag of peanuts, as an Illinois man once sued Kraft Foods Inc. for allegedly finding a rodent tooth in his bag. 


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