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Canada's Seal Slaughter Ending? No Market for Fur

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Oh, sweet irony: Just weeks after Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea gave the green light for sealers to kill an additional 50,000 seals, officials have announced that they will likely have to call off this year's massacre early because of a lack of buyers for seal fur! All that hard work by friends of seals is finally paying off.

PETA U.K. worked to push the European Union to ban products made from seals, and that ban, combined with the ever-increasing number of people who refuse to buy real fur, has dealt a crushing blow to the seal-fur industry.

According to one sealer, "[T]here's no market for seal pelts this year." And according to one estimate, fewer than 15 percent of the projected number of seals will be bludgeoned to death this year!

Is the last gong sounding? Will Canadian officials stop the cruel and senseless seal slaughter forever? Let's keep the pressure on by writing to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and demanding that he put an end to this dying event once and for all.

Posted by Lindsay Pollard-Post


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