Can You See The Camouflaged Marine? (Photos)


For military personnel, effective camouflage is the difference between life and death. Being able to hide yourself effectively during an operation is an essential part of getting the job done in any situation. 

Camouflage is also an art form for Brent Downing, a U.S. Marine who hosts a YouTube series called "Camouflage Effectiveness Series," Business Insider reports. The series focuses on camouflage techniques used by various militaries throughout the world. In all of Downing's demonstrations, his ability to conceal himself within his surroundings is truly remarkable.

Take a look at some of Downing’s camouflage techniques, compiled by Business Insider, and try to see if you can pick out the Marine in each photo. 

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The army recently implemented a new camouflage pattern, which expert Tim O’Neill discussed in 2015 with NPR’s Audie Cornish.

“It didn't work," O'Neill said of the old camouflage pattern that the military replaced. "It was an unfortunate attempt to create a single camouflage measure that worked equally well worldwide. And in fact, it succeeded. The old pattern now being replaced is equally useless everywhere in the world."

He went on to explain what exactly makes the new camouflage pattern effective.

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"Well, the choice of colors is much better," he said. "I think it still has some problems in contrast, but just the change to a more realistic color palette is a huge leap forward.

"The problem is it is designed to be a universal camouflage pattern, and there is no such thing. There is no pattern that works well in the woods and in the desert and in the swamps and in the snow. And you can't design one with current technology. So it is a compromise."

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The U.S. Army responded to O’Neill’s interview, and the implementation of the new camouflage design, in a statement.

“After rigorous testing and evaluation, the operational camouflage pattern has emerged as the best value for the Army," the statement read. "Soldier force protection and safety was the Army's primary decision criteria.

“The selected pattern will provide soldiers an effective camouflage pattern optimize for both day and night operations in the full range of Army military operating environments across the combatant commands."

Sources: Business Insider, NPR / Photo credit: Brent0331/YouTube via Business Insider 

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