Can Supporting Gay Rights Change Your Religious Outlook?


I sometimes go into conservative websites and forums and leave comments, often when it comes to gay rights. As anyone call well imagine, I am certainly well received by what I post. Yeah right. But the far right has to be challenged on their own sites, to challenge them in a liberal Mother Jones comment section does no good.

I came across a comment so absurd, so inane, so lacking of anything of merit than I decided to write a short column on the posting. I have never done this before because while I have come across a lot of dumb comments, nothing this dumb has ever been posted for me to read. This is what the poster wrote: "Face it, you just want to justify homosexuality at any cost, plain and simple. Gay is your religion, or at least part of it. that's the fact, deal weith it."

Wow, that is a whole new level of bigotry and stupidity. First of all, homosexuality is natural. It is everywhere in nature. Not just in mammals but even reptiles. Heck, I believe it has been observed in insects. These insects must be part of the "gay agenda," a favorite term of the far right.

Second I don't have to justify homosexuality, it's just there. It does me no harm by the way. Ricky Gervais, a hilarious comedian (star of the U.K. version of The Office) stated that those who oppose gay rights and same-sex marriage, must believe that if same-sex marriage does get enacted (as it will in both the U.S. and the U.K.) than you are obligated to perform a gay sex act.

Obviously, you won't have to do so, nobody will be forced to perform in a gay sex act or even have a conversation with a gay man or woman. Well, someone they know is gay. If you know the person is gay, I guess you can walk away, but if he is taking your order at the Taco Bell counter, aren't you still hungry?

Now, on to the part that is so stupid, I wrote this column on it. The part where he states "gay is your religion." O.K., this is the response I wrote to him on that site. By the way, I am not giving the name of the site because I don't want to publicize it, though it is well known in the birther movement.

"Those who support gay rights, have a religion, or part of it, of gayness? What?!? I support gay rights. I believe, as over 1/2 of Americans in some way, that gays deserve the same rights as everyone else. The vast majority don't believe they should suffer discrimination. Most of those people by the way, are Christians, not necessary fundamentalist type Christians.

Do they have a religion of Christianity and worshipping gays? They might not support same sex marriage, but they don't believe gays are a dire threat to the planet. Oh wait, gay is our religion. I don't even watch Glee. If gay was my religion, I should at least do that. I don't watch Logo, gay being my religion, I should do at least that.

Frankly, I am not sure how gay being my religion would even work. I don't worship gays. I don't even like all gays, some, like all people, are jerks. But, I don't dislike them or despise them or believe they are somewhat subhuman for being gay. If that makes me, in someone's distorted mind, someone who has a religion of gay, than so be it, I guess."


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