Campus Cop Who Shot Unarmed Student To Death Gets Reinstated (Video)


The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, plans to reinstate a campus police officer who shot and killed an unarmed student in December.

Mickey Redus, father of the victim, wrote an open letter to the university asking why the school refuses to change campus police policies and procedures.

"This is an affront to us as a grieving family and should be an outrage to all students," Redus wrote.

23-year-old Robert Cameron Redus was stopped for allegedly speeding and driving erratically on Dec. 6 by Cpl. Chris Carter. 

Carter was on-duty, but the stop was off-campus.

He claims Cameron was combative and that a physical confrontation occurred. He fired six shots, hitting Cameron five times at close range.

Investigators say an audio record from Carter’s lapel-mic backs up his claims. That audio has not been released to the public.

UIW plans to reinstate Carter in an administrative capacity as long as he isn’t indicted for the shooting, according to the school’s Vice President of Business and Finance Doug Endsley.

He noted that any changes to recruiting officers were already being discussed before the shooting.

“If policy changes were underway already, then why did UIW, knowing that there were problems with their policies, still allow their officers to operate in such a manner that ended in Cameron being shot five times?" wrote Cameron’s father Mickey Redus in an open letter. "Even more troubling is the implication that no policy changes need to be made as the result of Cameron’s brutal slaying. Seriously?”

He accused law enforcement of tarnishing Cameron’s name to protect Carter.

“UIW has done some wonderful things in Cameron’s honor and we are extremely grateful. Law enforcement, however, has attempted to justify and substantiate Officer Carter’s account of the events on Dec. 6, by attacking Cameron and leaking limited information,” he wrote. “All of the information stated in press conferences or ‘leaked’ to the press has been negative against Cameron and never against Chris Carter.”

“We want to see policy and procedure changes that would ensure that no other family would ever have to experience what we have endured,” the letter said. “That goal seems to be in jeopardy if no changes are to result from Cameron’s death. There needs to be a full accounting for the actions of Officer Chris Carter and the system which allowed and is now trying to justify those actions.”

He says the family will “continue to advocate waiting on our justice system to complete its work, which we are confident will find that Cameron Redus was wrongfully slain on the morning of Dec. 6, 2013.”

Sources: KENS 5, Baytown Sun


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