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Camper Calls Black Man The N-Word 30 Times (Video)

A homeless camper called Pat Edwards, a black man, the N-word about 30 times after he asked a group of homeless people to depart from a local street on Sept. 9 in Portland, Oregon (video below).

Edwards keeps an eye out for homeless campers who try to set up on residential streets in his Northeast Portland neighborhood, which happens about every week.

"I grabbed my little paper with the city ordinance written on it, 16.20.170," Edwards explained to KATU. "And I walk out and I say, 'Pardon me, is this your vehicle?'"

Edwards filmed the homeless people on his cell phone, which included one woman hurling racial insults.

"Yeah, she chose to use that word about 30 times," Edwards recalled. "I've had more combative situations than I have had peaceful ones."

Edwards said that he has had to deal with trash that homeless people leave behind, car break-ins and needles in a park nearby.

"If you're unloading groceries from the back of your vehicle, and you walk into your house, you come out, you might find a bag of groceries gone when you get back," Edwards told the news station.

In July, several Northeast Portland residents voiced their objections at a community meeting against plans to convert a former sheriff's building into a 24-hour multimillion dollar homeless shelter.

"[Kids are] being forced to jaywalk because I can’t blame them for not wanting to walk down 'methmobile lane' with all of those RVs doing illicit acts, and it’s forcing our kids to be in an environment where they’re not safe," Laurie Fowlkes, an employee with Portland Christian Schools, told KPTV at the time.

"Wearing my parent hat, I’m terrified,” Fowlkes added. "It’s not okay for child safety to fall below the rights of the homeless."

An unidentified resident said at the community meeting: "The one kid that does get raped, molested, or killed, this place is going to be responsible. And we’re going picket the hell out of this place."

A female resident added: "This is not safe for our community and our children, and I am outraged at the way this process totally blindsided and was sneaky."

A fire spread through a homeless camp in Northeast Portland in August, reported

Sources: KATU, / Photo credit: KATU via YouTube

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