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Camper Recounts Surviving Bear Attack Near Yellowstone

A camper near Yellowstone National Park had the fright of her life when she woke up to find a grizzly bear chewing on her arm. The same bear killed another camper and injured another.

Deb Freele was sleeping in her tent on Wednesday when the self-described veteran camper woke up to severe pain in her arm. That's when she came face-to-face with the bear.

"I screamed, he bit harder, I screamed harder, he continued to bite," she said.

That's when her survival skills came into play, Recalling stories of previous bear attacks, she decided to play dead:

"I told myself, play dead," Freele said. "I went totally limp. As soon as I went limp, I could feel his jaws get loose and then he let me go."

While Freele was lucky, walking away with broken bones and severe lacerations, another nearby camper was not. The bear killed him, and left yet another camper with a piece of his calf missing.

Park officials are calling it the "most brazen in the Yellowstone area in more than 20 years." The bear has not yet been found.

It is estimated that about 600 grizzlies and hundreds of black bears live in the area of Yellowstone National Park.


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