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Brown Bear Hangs Out At Campsite, Captured On Tape (Video)

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An Alaskan wildlife enthusiast managed to capture an incredible video of a brown bear after it wandered into his camp and sat down next to him.

In the video, the bear walks over to Drew Hamilton’s campsite and yawns before plopping down. The bear sat for no more than a minute before standing up again and walking away.

According to Hamilton’s Facebook page, where he originally shared the video, he works as a technician at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The video itself was shot at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary where, according to CNN, the largest concentration of wild brown bears go each summer to gorge themselves on salmon.

“He probably just wanted to sit down and have a beer with you,” Brian Young, a commenter, wrote. “Come on Drew help a guy out!”

According to the sanctuary’s website, no one has ever been killed by a bear on the property. However, the website urges campers to remember that they reside in the bear’s home and not the other way around.

Sources: DailyMail, ABLX Boston


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