Dash Cam Catches 'Ghost Car' Before Crash (Video)


A dash cam video shows what appears to be a car coming out of nowhere before slamming into a truck (video below).

The video, taken from the dash cam of a vehicle in Australia, is from the perspective of a car going down the road in light traffic before stopping at an intersection. As the vehicles in front turn right, the street looks clear for a truck to make its turn, but that proves untrue when a silver-colored Astra slams into the turning truck.

The video has captivated thousands of people who are intrigued and flabbergasted by the “ghost car” seemingly appearing out of thin air.

“Where the hell did that Astra even come from? I watched the video nearly a dozen times and am still none the wiser!!!” wrote Petey Mason on the Facebook group, Dash Cam Owners Australia, according to Mirror Online.

“No matter how many times I watch this that Astra just [materializes] out of nowhere. What the hell?!?” wrote Neil McClymont.

“I looked at this video, frame to frame and that silver car just appeared from nowhere, it only appears at impact,” wrote Roman Auer.

And Shane Cisek joked that the car might have been back from the future.

“Silver car is going to need a new flux capacitor. Reappeared in the wrong part of time and space,” he said.

Others speculated that because of the overcast sky and rain-slick road, the silver color of the car made it difficult to see in the low-quality dash cam video.

“This is why you should never have a silver or [gray] car! Especially in [gray] old Melbourne!” said Kristina Hebdon.

The car was severely damaged, but the truck tools down the road. The video ends before any damage to the truck can be seen.

Sources: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners of Australia, Mirror Online / Photo credit: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners of Australia

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