8th Grader Charged With Battery For Beating 11-Year-Old


An Indiana 8th grader has been charged with battery after a video showing him punching another student surfaced online.

The video shows one student punching a younger boy. The boy being beaten does not retaliate in the video.

Anthony Robinson says his 11-year-old son, a 5th grader at Hazelwood Middle School in New Albany, was beaten in the attack.

"He shouldn't have to walk in his own neighborhood, go to the park, and get beat up for no reason," Robinson told WDRB. 

New Albany police were alerted to the video and subsequently arrested the 8th grader. He was charged with battery.

"Fifteen years old, you’re old enough to know right from wrong,” said the victim’s aunt, Nena Doty. “You’re old enough to know that it’s not OK to pick on somebody less than you."

According to Robinson, his son was walking from school to the New Albany Boys and Girls Club when he was attacked. The father said his son is now afraid to walk in his neighborhood at all.

"My son cannot leave the house," Robinson said. "It's not right. It's not right."

Robinson says his son had previously been bullied at school as well, though the incident happened off of school property.

"He told the teachers, and I have not received one phone call," he said. "I could have prevented it all. I could have gone and picked up him and brought him home from school."

The person who filmed the video is not being charged in connection with the incident.

Sources: WDRBWLKY / Photo Credit: Facebook via WDRB

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