Camera Shop Fined $60K for Selling Gun-Shaped Lighters

US Camera & Computers is fighting a $60,000 fine for selling gun-shaped lighters in its New York City store.

According to a lawsuit filed against the city, US Camera & Computers claims that New York City's Department of Consumer Affairs was “arbitrary and capricious” when it issued the fine in 2011.

Per the New York Daily News, items that look like guns are prohibited in New York City because they might be mistaken for actual firearms.

US Camera & Computers sent the gun-shaped lighters back to the manufacturer after getting the citation, but was still told to pay the massive fine. It also claims it wasn't allowed to present evidence to defend itself and is asking the courts to remove the fine.

“The penalty being challenged in this lawsuit was imposed after a fair and thorough hearing and is supported by the evidence,” said a New York City Law Department spokesperson.

Source: New York Daily News


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