Camera Catches Intruder Stealing From Woman's Bedroom While She Slept (Video)


A man was caught on video breaking into a woman’s apartment and stealing from her bedroom while she slept.

The woman, a young mother from Dallas, Texas, said she became suspicious late last year when small things began to go missing, including money from her 5-year-old daughter’s piggy bank.

“I started noticing things coming up, missing a little bit before of Christmas last year,” she said. “The only thing I could think of was someone was coming with a key and entering into my home and taking things.” She contacted local police, who told her nothing could be done because she had no proof.

After similar incidents began to occur more frequently, the woman’s mother purchased a camera for her that connected to an app on her cell phone. “I moved it across my room right there by the fan,” she told a Fox 4 reporter. 

After months of suspicious activity with no proof, the woman finally got what she needed when the intruder came back. This time, the man stole from her bedroom while she was only inches away, sleeping in her bed. The camera caught the intruder stealing money from the woman’s nightstand.

“I don't necessarily feel like that was a crime of opportunity,” she said. “I feel like it was premeditated.”

The woman said she believes the intruder entered through her dining room window, though he might have used a key in some of the other incidents.

“At some point, they came into my house or someone they know came into my house with a key,” she said. 

According to reports, employees at the Hampton Terrace apartment complex are aware of the break-ins and are addressing the woman’s concerns. Despite having money stolen, the woman said she’s thankful that nothing more serious happened.

“I'm more so glad that I'm able to stand here with you now and discuss it,” she told a reporter. “I'm happy that I even had the camera, had it on. I'm happy for a lot of things. I'm happy that I was able to see him.”

Sources: My Fox Philly, YouTube

Photo Credit: My Fox Philly


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