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Call for Government-Community Cooperation to Attack Drug Abuse

Citing a recent address by the U.S. Drug Control Policy Director, a Church of Scientology International Official and Community Relations Specialist says government and private sector cooperation against drug trafficking and drug abuse is essential and warns that profit-making interests will attempt to impede both.

Speaking to a coalition of anti-drug activists at a gathering in Los Angeles, the Reverend Robert Adams pointed to establishment of the Interagency Working Group on Demand Reduction established by the White House Office of Drug Control Policy (the “Drug Czar”) as a positive step, and called for similar interaction at regional, state and local level.

 Adams said that despite billions poured into the drug problem by governments, meaningful demand reduction will only come about “by involving everyone and bringing on all solutions, starting with education. No single group or government can do it alone."

The Church of Scientology has been active proponent of community-based drug education for more than 20 yearsAdams reminded the audience that drug pushers exploit people lacking information about drugs and called for drug education to "empowers people with knowledge of what drugs really are and what they really do, because this is exactly where ‘demand reduction’ kicks in—when individuals decide for themselves that drug use is not for them.”


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