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California Woman Stabbed Her Baby in Park and Handed Body to Police

A 23-year-old California mother was arrested on suspicion of murder for stabbing her 7-month-old son. The woman is believed to be suffering from depression and may be suicidal, investigators say.

Police were called to the scene of the crime at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday when someone called to report a damaged Honda sedan in the Del Valle Regional Park, a suburb east of San Francisco, the Associated Press reports.

The person said that a woman had been ramming her car into a rock wall and “acting erratically,” according to Hollywood Life.

The car had been abandoned with the engine running. An empty child’s seat was visible in the car.

Believing that the damaged vehicle was evidence of a hit in run, the officers were about to tow it after two hours of looking for the driver. That’s when Ashley Newton walked up holding her lifeless baby.

The infant was pronounced dead at the scene, despite the officers’ attempts to resuscitate him.

Newton made statements that suggested she had been responsible for the stabbing. Investigators then found a knife at the scene of the crime.

“This is an extremely shocking case for us,” said Chief Timothy Anderson of the park’s police department.

Anderson said Newton had a history of depression and had knife wounds on her wrists that appeared to be self-inflicted. Investigators have been interviewing Newton’s friends and family for clues.

Newton was placed in custody after being treated for her knife wounds. She has with no possibility of release on bond, according to police.

Sources: Associated Press, Hollywood Life


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