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Woman Jailed For Life For Killing, Dismembering Her Boyfriend

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California woman Carmen Montelongo was sentenced to life in state prison on Monday, after she dismembered her boyfriend in 2011.

More than five weeks after 62-year-old Samuel Wiggins was reported missing by his family, Montelongo was caught by police officers as she moved his dismembered remains into a garbage can in Ontario.

During the investigation into Wiggins’ disappearance, Montelongo placed his head and arms in potted plants later found in Bell Gardens. Wiggins’ legs and torso were buried in Ontario at the home where Montelongo was caught.

Wiggins' body was severely decomposed by the time he was found.

Ontario Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigators later discovered that Wiggins had been stabbed to death in his home in Diamond Bar. He was stabbed twice in the chest and 22 times in the back.

Carpet and tile had been removed from the home in order to hide the evidence, according to investigators.

After a mistrial was granted in the case in January, Deputy District Attorney Erica Gallegos said she was glad to hear the jury’s most recent decision.

“We are pleased that the jury saw the case for what it was — a heinous crime — and that justice was served for the victim and his family,” Gallegos said.

Two of Montelongo’s children were arrested in suspicion with aiding her, though they were never charged.

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Sources: KTLA, Daily Bulletin


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