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California Woman Laurie Horton Hit in Forehead During Accidental Shooting (Video)

California woman Laurie Horton was left with shrapnel wounds in her forehead, after she was hit with a stray bullet fired from her neighbor's assault rifle while he was cleaning it inside his own home.

Horton was working on a scrapbook for her granddaughter Tuesday evening when she felt a blow to her forehead, like someone had hit her with a baseball bat. She called for her husband, Jim, and he rushed to her side as blood poured from her forehead.

“I thought something exploded,” Jim Horton said, “like the computer or the phone or something, or a light bulb.”

Horton’s neighbor, who refused to be identified, immediately ran over to the house and asked if everyone was safe.

Officials say the bullet entered the wall between the apartments and left a hole, though the round did not land in the Hortons’ apartment.

“I had just gotten a new gun and I was testing out parts of it, taking it apart and putting it back together,” the gun owner, who was disassembling an AR-15 rifle, said.

Horton said that while she does not approve of gun ownership because of accidents like these, she had no hard feelings toward her neighbor.

She added that she felt lucky the injury was only minor.

Police said it is unlikely that the gun owner will face charges, and that the incident appears to be an accident.

Sources: DailyMail, ABC Local


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