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California Woman Attacked After Telling Mother To Quiet Her Screaming Child

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California woman Bree Hajek-Richardson was reportedly attacked at a Colma Nordstrom Rack after she asked a mother to quiet her child and the mother allegedly responded physically.

Hajek-Richardson was shopping when she initially heard the child screaming, or having a tantrum, in a shopping cart at the checkout counter. Though the tantrum itself didn’t bother Hijak-Richardson, she just noted that the volume was a little overwhelming and then asked the child’s mother to calm her child down.

The mother allegedly responded with anger and began raising her voice. The woman reportedly told Hajek-Richardson not to order her child around.

Hajek-Richardson reportedly responded by telling the woman to go to hell, and the woman apparently replied that she would see Hajek-Richardson there.

The encounter inside the store lasted about two minutes, which Hajek-Richardson thought would be the end of the confrontation. Instead, the 20-year-old left the store and the mother addressed her again in the parking lot.

“I hear her [say] ‘so where did you tell me to go?’” Hajek-Richardson said. “I said, ‘I told you to go to hell’ and the next thing I know she hits me with the fist and then hits me again and lays on top of me.”

Eventually, the woman got up and left. However, Hajek-Richardson was left with scrapes, a bloody mouth and a damaged tooth. After the attack, Hajek-Richardson filed a police report and checked into the emergency room.

Hajek-Richardson said she would understand if the woman was angry about the comment on the noise her child was making, but that she “draws a line” at the woman taking her anger to a physical level.

“You don’t go hitting people. Who does that?” Hajek-Richardson said. “Talk to me and say I don’t appreciate it.”

On Tuesday, police confirmed that there was in fact a verbal fight between two women that led to a physical attack, which can be seen in surveillance video footage. Police are currently trying to track down the mother who initiated the attack.

Sources: KTVU, CNN

Photo Source: KTVU


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