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California Woman Assaulted In Road Rage Incident

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A young woman in California was reportedly brutally beaten by a couple in road rage incident on June 22.

Jessica Santos, a Lodi, California, mother, said she was driving home from work at midnight when she was cut off by another car.

“That’s when all hell broken loose,” she said. Santos says 39-year-old Mario Martinez and his wife, Shauna, 34, began taunting her by slamming on their brakes repeatedly in front of her. When Santos was stuck between two cars, the couple saw an opportunity and promptly got out of their vehicle to fight.

“The passenger female came out and began to punch me through my window, because it was halfway open,” she said. “She eventually got a hold of my left arm and tried to snap it backwards, and that’s when I got out of the vehicle to defend myself.”

When Santos began to defend herself, Mario reportedly jumped in. 

“He was saying not so nice words, saying ‘you want some? you want some?’ and that’s when they both began to punch me in the face and he threw me on the ground and kicked the front of my face, started stomping, kicking and she was kicking the back of my head,” Santos recalled. Witnesses who helped Santos following the attack reportedly corroborated her story, according to police.

“I’m a security guard, and we’re trained to get descriptions of everything, so I got the license plate number, I got everything down to the tattoos they had, and I was repeating it all to myself,” she said. “They also got prints from her grabbing my window so she could punch through it, so they have her fingerprints and my blood on his shoes.”

The Martinezes were subsequently found and arrested at their Lodi home. They were charged with assault with a deadly weapon for slamming Santos’ face into the ground and her car. Mario was also charged with committing a crime while out on bail.

“I think they couldn’t care less,” Santos said. “Those people have no heart whatsoever.”

Sources: Fox 40, UberTopic

Photo Credit: Screenshot via UberTopic


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