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California Towns Hit With Outbreak Of Bugs (Photos)

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Several communities at the foot of the Sierra Nevada’s eastern slopes have, over the last two months, become overrun by black and red seed bugs. 

According to reports, the swarm of bugs that overtook the area have been found inside houses, raining down onto car windshields, and covering the ground. They are attracted to light. 

"They're in everything,” Lone Pine resident Blair Nicodemus said. "There's no way to get rid of them or eradicate them. They're just here.

“Sometimes there will be these micro-plumes that'll come through where there will be just thousands of them, and they'll be all over you ... I'm sure I've eaten at least two dozen, because they get into your food."

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The outbreak of bugs was the result of monsoonal weather as well as a mild winter, which provided a healthier vegetation for the bugs.

“I've got them real bad,” resident Lia Sensanbaugh said. “I've been living off my TV light for about a month and a half."

Exterminators have reportedly attempted to spray insecticide, but it did little to wipe out the bugs. Only a windy day or smoke from recent fires throughout the state has proven successful in keeping the creatures at bay. 

“Millions, tens, twenty, we can't count it,” gas station owner Soma Praba said. “At nighttime, if you go into the station, they'll follow. They go everywhere. They get on your body, your head."

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“We are tired of it,” Praba added. “I am waiting for the first snow to come."

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