California Teen Crashes Truck Into Red Light Camera, Steals It (Video)

A California teen who crashed his truck into a red light camera Saturday and then drove off with it has been arrested and charged with hit and run and grand theft.

Manuel Montano Herrera, 19, allegedly hit a street sign and a post before taking down a red light camera pole, in Marysville, Calif. Saturday morning. When the pole fell straight into the bed of his blue Toyota pickup truck, he drove off with it.

Herrera claims he did not report the incident because he was running later for work that morning.

"We look over and we see debris flying from one of the video poles, camera poles," witness Arnold Romero told CBS Sacramento. "The pole ended up flipping over into the back of the bed of the vehicle, which sped off and actually stopped at the next light and turned the corner from there and took off.”

Police say Herrara was later spotted in Edgewater, where someone took a photograph of him trying to take the heavy pole out of his truck. From the image, police were able to track him down through his registration.

He was later found at a friend’s house allegedly trying to dispose of the pole.

Sources: CBS Sacramento, New York Daily News


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