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California Teacher Under Fire For 'Inappropriate' Photos On Social Media

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A California music teacher is under fire after he allegedly posted inappropriate photos of himself on social media.

Law enforcement officials in Stockton, California, are looking into the issue of Timothy Walth, 30, and his alleged inappropriate actions online, according to Fox 40.

Walth is accused of posting semi-nude pictures to the social media site Tumblr.

“We’re hoping maybe if a parent or even another teacher has information that they can shed light on this whole thing,” said spokesperson for the police department, Officer Joe Silva, to reporters at Fox 40. “We’re concerned if he’s shown those to other students or possibly directing students to a social media site or website that might have those photographs on.”

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The 30-year-old at Tully C. Knoles Elementary School allegedly posted several photos of himself wearing only a shirt on the social media site Tumblr under the username “TrebleMaker."

“Based on the investigation, the teacher in question will not be in the classroom once classes start [on Wednesday],” said Superintendent Tom Uslan of the Lincoln Unified School District to reporters at the Stockton Record. “We will follow [the police’s] lead. We want the truth to come out, and we simply don’t know all of the facts yet. They will take the lead on this and the district will follow.”

Walth taught Beginning Strings and Beginning Choir to fourth-grade students at the school.

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“I just asked the two younger ones, I said you know do you know the name?” June Jantz told Fox 40. “And they both were like oh, we had him for music. I wouldn’t want them, out of curiosity going to see what it was that he had done.”

Jantz allegedly lives near the suspended music teacher.

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As of now, no criminal charges have been filed against the teacher. Despite this, Jantz believes that Walth should be fired.

“I think it’s inappropriate for anybody to post anything on social media who has contact with children,” she said, “that still is somebody that is interacting with them on a daily or weekly basis and in my estimation that is completely inappropriate and shows a complete lack of judgment on his part.”

Source: FOX40, The Stockton Record

Photo Credit: FOX40


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