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California Schools: Fairness and Equality Despite Cost

I am at once amazed that as I read over the articles in education, almost every article that involves or names a school directly, names a California school. At first this seems a bit concerning. but upon closer inspection, Californians should take heart. Yes, our schools are being called out the most, but more often than not, it is for the better.

California strives for fairness and equality despite the cost, because we know in the long run, the cost is well worth it. When things happen in our schools that we are not proud of, unfortunately that makes the pages as well. The good news in that, is that, we are transparent, that is why issues are pointed out and flaws highlighted. It actually makes us better and more accountable as teachers, educators, parents, and Californians.

Do we get some things wrongs? Sure we do. That is how we learn. We stop talking long enough to implements programs, some turn out to be very good, others not so good, but we would have never known that had we not gone there. Always read with a questioning mind. That is how we raise the bar and push our own limits. That is how we pursue the excellence of our students and demand the best of each person.

California may be the land of beaches and frisbees and vegans but we are also the land of fairness, equality, and transparency.


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