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This Man Is Refusing To Leave A Woman's Apartment

Last month, we told you about the "nanny from hell" who refused to leave a family’s home after they ordered her to move out. If you enjoyed that bizarre story, you’re in luck, because we’ve got a similar one for you today.

Cory Tschogl rents out her 600-square-foot apartment on the popular home rental site Airbnb. A man going by the name “Makysm” reached out to her about renting the apartment for a month recently for a business stay. Despite the fact that Maksym had little review history on Airbnb, she agreed to let him stay in the apartment for 44 days from May 25- July 8.

Just one day into the stay, the problems started. Maksym called Tschogl complaining about cloudy tap water at the apartment and said he didn’t like that the residence was on a gated property. He then asked her for a full refund. After a few discussions, Tschogl grew concerned and decided it would be best to grant Maksym the refund and ask him to leave the apartment. That’s when things got strange.

Maksym refused to leave after both Tschogl and Airbnb told him to. After a few failed discussions, Tschogl decided it would be best to let Maksym stay for the duration of the originally planned stay.

When Maksym’s rent money was due, he refused to pay it. Two days after he was scheduled to leave, Maksym was still shacked up in Tschogl’s apartment. Tschogl sent him a text warning that she would cut off the utilities to the apartment if he didn’t leave, but that only made matters worse.

 Here, courtesy of Business Insider, is how Maksym responded to that text:

Image placeholder title

When Tschogl went to her attorney for advice on how to get Maksym out of her apartment, the attorney delivered some bad news. Since Maksym had been in the property for over 30 days, he was technically now a tenant. That meant Tschogl couldn’t just call the police and remove him. She’d have to go through the entire eviction process – a legal hassle that can cost thousands of dollars.

As of this writing, Maksym is still in the apartment. With the costly eviction proceedings underway, Tschogl wants people using Airbnb and other services to remember one thing: protect yourself.

"Thousands of vacation rental owners are vulnerable, and they don’t know it,” she says. “The public needs to know, lawmakers need to know, and sites like Airbnb need to know and improve upon their policies, procedures and protections.”

Sources: Business Insider, ABC


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