California Ranchers Shoot Wild Pig With Blue Insides (Photo)


California ranchers were shocked when they shot a wild pig on their property in Morgan Hill and found something strange inside the body.

When the ranchers cut the pig open, they noticed its fat was blue.

Imgur user GlendilTEK shared photos of the pig online.

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“I know blue pigmentation is often caused from copper poisoning but all that they have are some old mercury mine shafts that they have filled in,” the user wrote. "They have also shot wild pigs on the ranch before and none of them have been blue."

"Everything else about the pig was normal, the meat, blood, etc.," the user added.

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"They are sending in a sample to UC Davis to see the cause of this, but if anyone knows please feel free to explain because we are at a loss."

A Reddit user suggested that the blue coloring was a result of rodent poisoning.

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Sources: Rare, NBC News / Photo Credit: GlendilTEK/Imgur


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