California Police Shoot, Kill Man Holding Hammer On Street Corner (Video)


Matautu Nuu was fatally shot by police early Wednesday morning while standing on a street corner armed with a hammer in Stockton, California.

Police told Fox 40 that they tried using a police dog and Taser on Nuu, who was allegedly intoxicated. However, when those efforts failed, two police officers opened fire on Nuu.

An unidentified bystander filmed the incident (video below) and posted it on YouTube.

The video is blurry, but police can be heard yelling, "Get down!" before they use a Taser.

About five seconds after the Taser deployment, gunshots are heard.

The Stockton Police Department claims that the Nuu family called 911 and said that Nuu was drunk and vandalizing their home. Police say that Nuu refused to drop the hammer, which he allegedly used on a police dog and attempted to swing at officers. Law enforcement officials claim that Nuu withstood a Taser, so they had to shoot him.

However, Nuu's family tells a different story.

“When they tased him, the hammer dropped,” Kirisimasi Nuu, the 35-year-old man’s sister, told The Record. “They didn’t have to kill him like that. The way I look at it, they murdered my brother.”

“He dropped the hammer after they tased him twice,” added witness Lisa Le. “He dropped the hammer and then the police shot him three times in the stomach. We all saw him die. Even the kids saw it. They shot him for no reason.”

According to the Nuu family, the alleged vandalism was when Nuu hit the family TV with the hammer after his daughter refused to turn the television off. When Nuu stormed out of the house, his daughter called 911.

“That’s what scared her,” added Kirisimasi. “She was worried about her dad and she was scared of him, I guess.”


Sources: Fox 40, The Record
Image Credit: Evan-Amos


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