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California Police Shoot Dog To Death In Front Of Owner Leon Rosby (Video)

A video of police shooting a dog to death in front of its owner has taken the internet by storm. The dog’s owner, Leon Rosby, was taking video of police officers in Hawthorne, Calif., and another bystander was recording him. Rosby apparently asked the officers why there were not any black officers present, which led to the officers approaching him.

After putting his Rottweiler in his car, Rosby puts his hands behind his back to be arrested. As officers were slapping the cuffs on, the dog starts barking and jumps out of the car.

In the video, the dog approaches the officers and they then shoot the dog several times. The officers said they had no choice, The Huffington Post reported.

"It looks like the officer tried to reach down and grab the leash, and then the dog lunges in the direction of him and the other officers there," Hawthorne Police Lt. Scott Swain said. "I know it's the dog's master, and more than likely not going to attack him, [but] we've got a guy handcuffed that's kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him, too."

Rosby's attorney, Michael Gulden, said he plans to file a lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department

“An assisting officer came to aid and attempted to control the Rottweiler, first by gaining control of the leash,” the HPD wrote in a statement. “Fearing that the attacking Rottweiler would imminently bite the officer[s], one officer fired his duty weapon several times, striking and killing the dog.”


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