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Police Release Alfred Olango Shooting Footage (Video)

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office released video (below) footage on Sept. 30 of police fatally shooting an unarmed mentally ill black man, Alfred Olango, in El Cajon, California, on Sept. 27.

The footage includes content from a surveillance camera and a bystander's cell phone, according to KGTV.

El Cajon police chief Jeff Davis said during a press conference that the release of the videos was to inform the public and calm protests over the shooting.

"We're aware of the impact on the community of El Cajon as a result of the escalation of aggression from some demonstrators that has led to criminal activity," Davis stated.

The police released one still image on Sept. 27 in an apparent effort to justify the shooting, but many citizens demanded to see the videos; El Cajon cops do not wear body cameras.

The videos show Olango moving to the left and right, and a police officer doing the same. The officer slowly moves closer to Olango, a second officer quickly approaches, and shots are fired.

Police claim Olango did not obey orders, did not take his hand out of his pocket, stood in "what appeared to be a shooting stance" and pointed something (a vaping smoking device) at the police; Olango did not have a gun.

Some witnesses have said that Olango had his hands up and may have had a seizure, but it's unclear on the video.

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells admitted on Sept. 28 that not releasing the video footage immediately fueled protesters.


Sources: KGTV / Photo Credit: El Cajon Police via YouTube

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