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California Police Officer Caught On Film Brutally Beating Woman (Video)

California resident Marlene Pinnock is calling for a California Highway Patrol officer’s firing after the officer brutally beat her during an arrest. The beating was filmed by a passing driver.

Video footage shows California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer Daniel Andrew beating Pinnock for at least 15 seconds. Pinnock, 51, says she feared for her life.

“He tried to kill me, and I want him fired,” Pinnock told KTLA on Sunday. “I was scared for my life, because he just wouldn’t stop beating me. I didn’t know when he was going to stop.”

Andrew told his CHP superiors that he was trying to protect the woman since she was walking across highway lanes.

Here is footage of the beating:

Pinnock’s attorney has filed a federal lawsuit against Andrew and two other CHP officers. The CHP has turned over footage of the beating to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether or not to press charges against Andrew. 

Source: KTLA, New York Daily News


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