California Police Officer Armando Rodriguez Heroically Pulls Woman From Car On Fire (Video)

An El Segundo, Calif., police officer is nothing short of a hero after charging toward a car that was on fire and pulling a woman out of it before it burst into flames and it’s all caught on video.

“Come here! Come here! I got you. I got you,” Rodriguez is heard saying as he rescued the woman.

Rodriguez, a veteran of the Air Force and a police officer for 17 years, was first to arrive at the crash scene Sunday evening, according to the Daily Breeze.

“I’ve got the victim out of the car. I need paramedics. She’s unconscious,” Rodriguez radios in.

The driver of the vehicle in wreck was taken to a hospital. After initially being listed in critical condition, the unnamed 22-year-old is recovering and expected to survive. Investigators planned to interview her to find out how the crash happened.

Firefighters arrived soon after Rodriguez got the woman out of the car and they put the fire out. By that time, the car was fully engulfed in flames.

Mail Online reports that as Rodriguez worked to free the woman from the vehicle, two or three Good Samaritans stopped to help, but he yelled at them to get back in case the car exploded.

The officer was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns to his hands, and he was praised by colleagues for his actions.

“I think it was an absolute heroic feat,” El Segundo Police Captain Brian Evanski said. “He definitely saved this lady's life.”

Sources: Mail Online, Daily Breeze


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