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California Police Arrest Man for Filming Crime Scene, Kill his Dog, and Convict him of 6 Felonies (Video)

Leon Cordell Rosby, 52, was convicted yesterday on six counts, including the intimidation of a witness. However, on June 30, before being any of these convictions, Rosby was arrested for "disturbing a crime scene," while out walking his dog Max, before police shot and killed the dog for coming to his master’s aid.

Rosby was playing loud music from his car and stopped in front of a crime scene. He then yelled over to the police and filmed the scene. Two police officers approached him and accused him of disturbing the crime scene. Rosby then put his Rottweiler, Max, into the backseat of his car before allowing police to apprehend him. However, Max leapt from the backseat and over to his master, barking at the police. He stopped to smell the grass before approaching one officer.

The officer then pulled his gun and, despite Rosby’s cries of, “Don’t shoot my dog, Max get back in the car,” shot the dog four times. Max writhed on the ground before eventually bleeding to death.

The event was captured on footage, which has since gone viral, attracting the attention of animal rights activists and goading concerns over civil liberties. The police department has received letters of condemnation and even death threats.

Two videos from two different angles reveal very different perspectives of the event. The first released from a crowd of bystanders does not capture Rosby’s taunts. The second, released by the police, does not show Rosby offering himself voluntarily for arrest.

Here is the first version. This is the footage released by the police. Both of these videos are very graphic.

After the incident, Rosby was convicted of six felonies in all - two counts of intimidating a witness, two counts of dissuading a witness from prosecuting a crime, and two counts of making criminal threats. He was also charged with the misdemeanor of resisting arrest.

Rosby is due back in court September 10.

Sources: RT, LA Times


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