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California Man Caught Taking Up Skirt Photos Of Little Girl (Video)

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A California man was caught on video (below) taking photos up a little girl’s skirt.

In the video -- which was filmed in San Francisco, according to Mad World News -- the cameraman notices a man looking at photos on a camera and decides to look closer. Upon further inspection, the cameraman’s suspicions are confirmed — the man had been taking inappropriate photos of a little girl.

“I see what you’re doing,” the cameraman says. “I’ve got you on film.”

The cameraman then begins to alert others around him of the disturbing incident that just occurred and follows the pedophile as he tries to run away.

“Be a man about it. You’re a pedophile,” the cameraman says. “Your face is going all over Facebook, YouTube, World Star. We’ve got you.”

The cameraman proceeds to alert police officers to the situation, who quickly catch up with the suspect and begin to search him. 

“He’s got a hole in that bag right there,” the cameraman tells the officers. “He’s got a camera and he’s been recording.”

The man is then placed in handcuffs as the Good Samaritan explains to officers what he just witnessed. 

The suspect was subsequently identified as 67-year-old Gary Brooks. Jason Juniel, the Good Samaritan that filmed the video and assisted in Brooks' arrest, said he knew exactly what Brooks was doing when he first spotted him.

"The camera was in the bag angled up perfectly toward the hole cut about the size of half a dollar so the lens of the camera could see directly up a skirt," Juniel said.

Police reportedly uncovered additional incriminating evidence upon examination of Brooks' camera, though he was only given a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct using a camera to look at girl's undergarments. 

Watch the intense confrontation below.

Sources: Mad World News, Unilad, ABC 7 / Photo credit:


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