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Baby Delivered In Tire Center Parking Lot With Help From Cop (Video)

A California police officer helped deliver a baby after a frantic couple flagged him down.

Officer Dan Templeton of the Elk Grove Police Department says he was just starting his shift on Tuesday morning when a couple drove up alongside him and flagged him down.

“They flagged me down and right off the bat I knew something different was going on,” said Officer Templeton, whose dashboard camera captured the incident, to News 10.

When the couple pulled over into the parking lot of a Les Schwab’s Tire Center and Officer Templeton opened their car door, he was shocked to see that Vanessa Rios was giving birth right before his eyes.

“The head [was] already out and it was completely blue, he wasn't breathing,” said Officer Templeton. “I couldn't wait for the fire department. I had to get the baby delivered somehow. It was the third push and it popped right out. It took a second, but then it started breathing and crying and I knew things would be okay. Had they not come across me, the baby might not have lived.”

The local fire department eventually arrived and transported the new family to the hospital, and now, baby Jesiah, who weighs 8 pounds 14 ounces, is said to be doing great.

“I don't know how I would have done it without you there,” Rios said to Officer Templeton during his visit to the hospital. “We've been getting suggestions that [his name] should be Les … or Schwab!”

Officer Templeton says he knew exactly what to do in the moment because of watching his wife give birth to their children.

"You get choked up, especially because I have kids," said Officer Templeton. "You know the experience. The first thing I wanted to do was tell my wife, who works here as well. We both teared up a little bit."

Sources: News 10, Elk Grove Online


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