California Nudist Resort Accused Of Stealing Water For Skinny Dipping


California officials say a nudist resort in Los Gatos stole water from a waterfall amid the state's epic drought.

Rangers from an open space district say residents at the Lupin Lodge helped themselves to water from an upstream water line to keep the resort open.

The clothing-optional camp has 50 permanent residents on the 110-acre wooded property above the nearly dry Lexington Reservior.

The resort argues it needs the water to maintain a 87,000 gallon water tank in case of a fire. They also use the water to top off their skinny-dipping pool, which serves as a backup reserve in the event of a fire.

But Midpeninsula Open Space District officials say the water pipe is a public resource that can’t be used by private entities.

Less than a week ago, San Jose Mercury News featured a story on the resort’s water problems. It’s one of five community water districts that are now trucking in water.

The resort says they’ve already cut water use by 40 percent. It reported the camp is using paper plates, short showers, less toilet flushing and all laundry is being shipped out.

No arrests or citations were issued Thursday, but rangers did take apart a hose leading from the resort to the waterfall.

Sources: Daily Democrat, San Jose Mercury News


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