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Family: California Mother Disappears On Way To Work

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An Oxnard, California, woman mysteriously vanished last week while on her way to work.

Dawn Vadbunker, a 39-year-old mother of two, left for work in Santa Monica on Friday, July 3, where she was supposed to meet with her boss, according to KTLA. None of Dawn's family or friends has heard from her since the following day, July 4.

Her parents, Laura and David Vadbunker, told reporters that they expected their daughter to come home the next day to help with a Fourth of July party. On Saturday, however, Dawn sent her mother a text to inform her that she’d be staying in Santa Monica for two more days.

“I get a text that says, ‘Mom, I’m staying a couple more days,’” Laura told KTLA on Tuesday. “I thought, ‘OK, alright.’

"So I kept thinking that by Monday would be her couple days, she would be home. That didn’t happen.”

Several days passed without a word from Dawn, and her parents began to worry — ultimately contacting the Oxnard Police Department to report their daughter missing on July 10. Dawn has not answered calls or texts since July 4 and has not been active on social media.

(Dawn Vadbunker, via Oxnard Police Facebook Page)

At the time of her disappearance, Dawn was in the middle of getting her marriage annulled, though her parents said they’re confident that her husband had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Laura said she tried a number of times to get in touch with her daughter’s boss — a woman who owned multiple properties in Southern California, for whom Vadbunker worked as a personal assistant and property manager — but with no success. This is unusual, Laura says, since the Dawn's boss has multiple cell phones. Laura added that Dawn and her boss were also friends.

According to reports, a man notified police claiming to have seen Dawn with another woman.

“She’s potentially with that female,” Oxnard Police Sgt. Sharon Giles said. “We located the neighbors of that female and they have not seen that female either.”

David Vadbunker said that while he and his wife are extremely concerned by their daughter’s disappearance, they are trying to remain calm and focus on searching for her.

“Try to address being proactive, and not sit and dwell on the worst case scenarios, because that’s not proactive,” he said. “But scared to death of the worst case scenarios.”

The Oxnard detectives were reportedly planning to travel to Santa Monica to investigate the case further on Wednesday, according to KTLA.

Sources: KTLA, ABC 7

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