California Marine Craig Pusley Stands Watch Outside Elementary School


Yesterday, a Tennessee-based Marine stood guard outside his local elementary school. Today, another Marine in California is doing the same.

It all started with Marine Staff Sgt. Jordan Pritchard in Nashville, Tennessee. After Sandy Hook, Pritchard decided to stand watch outside the elementary school attended by his two children. Dressed in full camouflage uniform, he stands completely unarmed.

The NY Daily News reports that Pritchard told a local television news station, “What this uniform represents, the hope it brings, is larger than any weapon that I would ever need.”

Planning to continue his watch until Christmas break, many parents are relieved by his presence at the school.

Following in his footsteps is 28-year-old Marine Sgt. Craig Pusley in Hughson, California. Pusley is a father to a 3-year-old son and is expecting another with his wife, Kristina.

He was inspired to stand outside his local school, Hughson Elementary School, after reading a Facebook message encouraging soldiers to stand guard outside local schools.

Like Pritchard, Pusley is unarmed; his only weapon being his uniform and training. In an interview with the Modesto Bee, he explained he doesn’t need a weapon and his goal isn’t to create more fear.

“I just want to have a word to this community that I stand between them and any danger.”

The Marine father is considering returning to Hughson Elementary School in January when the students return from winter break.

Since Sandy Hook, there have been several debates over whether veterans should be hired to stand guard outside of schools, either armed or unarmed. Do you think that would prevent school shootings or just cause more fear and potential violence?


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