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California Man Walks Into Jail, Tries To Confess Murder, Is Turned Away

Hugo Castro tried confessing to the murder of his former girlfriend at the Santa Clara County Main Jail in San Jose, California, on Oct. 26, but he was reportedly turned away by law enforcement.

Castro had a hand-written note revealing the location of his ex-girlfriend's body, but the jail deputy told the 28-year-old man to report the body to police headquarters, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Castro walked by himself to police headquarters where he was arrested. Castro was questioned by homicide detectives about the murder location, which turned out to be accurate.

Officers found a victim stabbed to death in a residence in downtown San Jose, notes.

The victim was identified as 27-year-old Alessandra Barlas, but it's not clear exactly when she was killed, although she likely died over the weekend, according to The San Jose Mercury News

Castro was charged with one count of murder with a knife enhancement.

"If the initial findings are true, then the Custody Deputy failed to meet the expectations of the department and we'll take appropriate action to deal with the deputy," Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said in a statement.

The jail deputy has been reassigned during the investigation, Smith added.

Castro is being held without bail in the same jail that refused to accept his confession.

Sources: San Jose Mercury News, / Photo Credit: Coolcaesar/Wikimedia, Police photo


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