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'God Bless America': Man Tears Down Neighbor's Swastikas

Robert Dixon of Sacramento, California, took down a swastika displayed on a local house and he’s not apologizing for his actions. 

A home in Sacramento’s River Park displayed a swastika on Israel’s flag and the American flag, in addition to other signs and a wooden figure with its hands up.

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The residence sparked controversy and protests in the state’s capitol. CBS13 reported Dixon frequently attended the protests with signs supporting Israel and the United States.

“This is despicable, what this man did,” Dixon said of the unnamed homeowner, “defacing our flag and Israel’s flag and it’s been going on for five months.

"And I, as an American, am no longer going to be complacent, and I am going to do what I think needed to be done, for this neighborhood, for these people," he added. "God bless America.”

Dixon isn’t worried about the consequences of his actions.

“If I get in trouble, I get in trouble," he said. "Sometimes you go to jail for things, and that’s what it takes.”

Source: CBS13

Images: Screen Captures via CBS13


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